My Experience

In 1981, I graduated from Cambridge University with a Master of Arts (Honours) degree in Economics.

I had always been fascinated by business and markets and wanted to learn how they worked. I joined JP Morgan in London and spent the first 20 years of my career with them.

I obtained a wide exposure to many different industries and financial markets and left the company as a Managing Director in 2000:

1981 -1985: Energy and Minerals Department. Worked on project financing offshore oil and gas developments, new mines and smelting operations.

1985 – 1991: Joined the London Equities group at its inception. Was charged with building from scratch a dedicated equity sales force and developing an innovative research product covering European convertible markets.

1991 – 1995 (New York): Responsible for marketing and executing equity issues. Managed over $4 billion of successful offerings for companies located in the USA, Mexico and Argentina.

1995 – 2000 (London): First marketing Equity Derivative solutions to companies, then investing the bank’s own capital in Private Equity opportunities.

In 2000, I moved to Paris and spent a year working with friends on an Internet start-up before joining HSBC in 2001.

2001 – 2012: Global Head of HSBC’s Strategic Financing Advisory Department – providing objective financing advice to Large Corporations across their entire capital structure. Created the department in Paris and then rolled out the service by adding groups in London, Dusseldorf, Dubai and Hong Kong.

2012 – 2016: First CEO, then Chairman of HSBC Private Bank, France.

Responsible for HSBC’s private banking operations in France and member of HSBC France’s Executive Committee.

Two highlights:

1.     My first important presentation (at age 25) was to a group of 120 Middle-Eastern investors at a JP Morgan seminar in Kuwait. I had to present how to analyse the value of convertibles and warrants. Before the presentation I was terrified. However, after 10 seconds of delivering the presentation (on which I had worked extensively and knew inside out), I suddenly felt a calm descend on me and said to myself “Wait a minute, this is great stuff, they should feel privileged to hear this!”. I started to feel in control on the stage, a bit like Mick Jagger! The presentation was a great success and from there I have never looked back. I enjoy preparing and delivering presentations.

2.     During my career I have marketed and executed a large number of deals, which has been rewarding. However, one of the most satisfying aspects of my career has been to pass on my expertise to a new generation of young bankers by training them and offering them advice. In particular, while running the Strategic Financing Advice Department, I hired youngsters, trained them in corporate finance, and helped them develop their own presentation skills. I have received back from them much more than I have put in.

All of this experience, in my view, places me in a unique position to advise you with your own presentations from a pragmatic, business-oriented perspective.

© Edward Archer 2016